Break the Silence: Talk About Money This Year

A new calendar year, when many Americans make resolutions about money. To try and save better. Spend better. Worry less. Enjoy more.

But what about your local parish church?

21 percent of pastors say the greatest challenge they face is financial. This is probably an area we all need to make some New Year’s Resolutions in then, right?

Try these two (which happen to be the most significant things any parish can do to increase generosity):

  1. Talk about spirituality and money regularly in parish life, about how all our resources are ultimately God’s and what this means for our lives as disciples. Do it once a month. An example in a sermon, part of faith formation, a testimony–integrate it so it becomes “normal.”
  2. Stop talking about your church’s needs and bills (or worse, bills from the diocese or national collections). Start talking passionately about spiritual growth, Gospel transformation, and missionary impact.

Change - Its A New Year


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