Divine Renovation 2016 Tweet Round-Up

Like Parish Catalyst, Amazing Parish, and Matter Conference, the Divine Renovation 2016 gathering brought together a dynamic group, ready to roll up their sleeves, pray, plan, and fellowship in the Holy Spirit–all for the sake of Jesus and His Church.

Here’s my Twitter-verse round-up: 

On Leadership: 

“There is absolutely NO decision that I as a Priest work through on my own for the vision of the Church”-@FJMallon#DR16#Leadership@SaintBP
— corey robinson (@CoachRobinson1) June 14, 2016

Commitment to growth is incompatible with the “good enough” attitude. #DR16
— Father Souza (@fathersouza) June 14, 2016

“An overled and undermanaged environment is unsustainable..there’s lots of activity but not going anywhere.” #DR16 pic.twitter.com/X2NUsSDsjh
— Dan O’Rourke (@DanORourke) June 14, 2016

“Good administration will not do everything, but bad administration can really harm mission.” @bishopdowd #preach #DR16
— Josh Canning (@CatholicJosh) June 14, 2016

On Strategy and Operations:

“It’s not just about random programs that aren’t connected…the purpose isn’t to be busy.” @FJMallon #DR16 #Parish #Leadership
— Colleen Vermeulen (@EvangelToolbox) June 14, 2016

“I had to repent from ‘more is merrier’ to ‘less is more'” –@FJMallon#DR16#NewEvangelization#Leadership
— Colleen Vermeulen (@EvangelToolbox) June 14, 2016

 Are you married to the method or to the mission? #DR16
— Father Souza (@fathersouza) June 14, 2016

On Stewardship of Treasure, Time, and Talent:

Per @FJMallon, (parish) money problems aren’t actually money problems. Money problems are vision problems. #DR16
— Clayton Imoo (@claytonimoo) June 13, 2016

“Our expectation is that 100% of people will end up in ministry.” @ron_huntley #DR16
— Josh Canning (@CatholicJosh) June 13, 2016

The priest can’t be a personal chaplain for every person in the parish (unless the church is under 200 ppl). #DR16
— Father Souza (@fathersouza) June 14, 2016

On Evangelization:

If there’s nothing else, it [the Eucharist] is neither a source nor summit for that individual. #DR16 #Evangelization https://t.co/eDIWdwEhiN
— Colleen Vermeulen (@EvangelToolbox) June 14, 2016

#Evangelization isn’t just something you do only when the pews are empty… It has to be a way of life! #DR16pic.twitter.com/evB3zmIrDI
— Father Souza (@fathersouza) June 14, 2016

Our primary interaction with the unchurched isn’t Sunday, it’s #Alpha. –@FJMallon#DR16#Catholic#Evangelization
— Colleen Vermeulen (@EvangelToolbox) June 14, 2016

Parish Truth:


You can:

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  • Read the original Divine Renovation book 
  • Start tuning into Divine Renovation podcasts
  • Learn more about Patrick Lencioni’s framework for “real leadership teams,” an underlying premise of the leadership behind many Divine Renovation initiatives

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