Practicing Theology, Finding Blessings

I’ve been in the ninth month of pregnancy two out of the past four Januaries. For me, this has typically lent itself to very busy Januaries. Jam packed Januaries, where I schedule lots of things and line up lots of projects before the new baby arrives.

Unlike those Januaries in 2013 and 2015, this January wasn’t planned. Yet suddenly, opportunities and situations requiring the practice of theology were raining down. The sudden deluge of needs and deadlines left me short on time–and so blogging (a record low, 1 post this past month!) and making sure my extended family gets plenty of photos of our kids took a hit. And Facebook too. I logged in to our family page this morning and realized I had 33 notifications built up and hadn’t posted anything in a month. Oh well.

All in all, the opportunity and sudden demand to take on more in the practice of theology was a blessing. A shortage of time leads to greater focus. A forced reliance on prayer and God’s provision as the only way to bring everything together. Trust in manifestations of charisms and the Holy Spirit more than natural talents or developed skills. Unexpected gifts of silence and appreciation of beautiful winter morning sunrises.

Psalm 84 (and my favorite hymn-version, below) comes to mind. The vast majority of my work has been done in ordinary places–our house, libraries, children’s libraries, and our local children’s museum–yet when my thoughts rise to the courts of the Lord, I’m renewed in experiencing the sheer goodness of the Lord.


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