“When God Says No to Your Yes” in Evangelization

A beautiful piece from Monica Senz over at Catholic Exchange: When God Says No to Your Yes

What does this have to do with evangelization? Lots.

Most of the time when we’re talking renewal or the new evangelization it’s about doing new things, doing things differently, thinking differently, reassessing our priorities, taking risks, etc. These are all ways that we may be saying “yes” to God with our lives. Saying “yes” to renewal, yes to allowing the kerygma to take top priority in ministry, saying yes to sharing God’s plan of salvation with a stranger for the first time.

While it all may be correct theologically and ministerially–our individual “yes” isn’t always met with an immediate “yes” from God.  As Monica Senz writes, “I was not put on this earth to love God as I please. I was put here to love God according to His will.” And this applies to our work as evangelists, as missionary disciples as well–not every one of us can evangelize in every way at every moment and at every opportunity. We may be pushing hard, trying to say “yes” to things that are God’s will even–but maybe not God’s will for us, at this time, at this place. But, be not discouraged! God’s love triumphs. And, we may learn good lessons from our “yes” attempts that result in little visible progress.

God loves us beyond all human reason, capacity, and logic. This we know. He pours out his Holy Spirit abundantly in our lives. This we know. I pray for the careful balance of patience and urgency to find the right “yes” situations–a spirituality of evangelization.

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