Market Well: Lose the Outdated Fonts

We all need to remember this when it comes to bulletins, posters, fliers for events, and more. 🙂

Seriously, there are probably folks in your pews (even teens) with some real artistic, graphic design, and marketing know-how. Find them and use them. Oh yeah, and leverage the creative-types on your staff. If the bulletin-editing secretary doesn’t have an eye for graphic design, find someone who does and make it a team effort!


4 thoughts on “Market Well: Lose the Outdated Fonts

    • I don’t have any background in graphic design or marketing, so I’m not a great person to ask. But, when I have to design presentations, visuals, fliers, newsletters, etc. I try to look around at advertising and graphic design that’s working/popular, and do my best to incorporate similar fonts, spacing, sizing, color schemes, use of white space, etc. I figure big, national for-profit and non-profit organizations are paying trained graphic designers and marketers and maybe an amateur like myself can glean something 😉


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