Example of a Church of 1100 Members with 65 Small Groups

I’ve written before about how Activate: An Entirely New Approach to Small Groups is a great book for parish leaders and/or planners looking for a how-to guide on launching a vibrant small group ministry.

In an effort to gain more insight into the actual details of what a vibrant, thriving, encompassing small group ministry looks like, I went to the church website for Journey Church NYC, where the author’s of Activate minister.

Here’s what I saw:

1. An informative FAQ page. I can see how this would build comfort with joining a group and answer the basic questions most parishioners would have. It looks like at The Journey small groups start up 3x a year and meet in a variety of locations, with various topics and particular affinities (i.e. women, dads, college age, couples, meal-time groups, service groups, etc.) With such diverse affinities and topics, I really could see how a typical Catholic parish could channel all ministry into small groups (see “Vibrant Isn’t About Busy” for why more Catholic parishes should seriously consider this).

2. Examples of what’s planned for Summer 2014. Here are some of the 65 different groups (each approx. 15 ppl) that will meet:

– General Groups (open to anyone)
– Community Service Groups
– Worship Arts Groups
– Family Groups
– 20-Something’s Groups
– College Groups
– Teen Groups
– Activity Groups (running groups, mealtime groups, etc.)
– And more! 

There are also “Play Groups” which meet one-time for a social or fun event. I could also see one-time groups forming in a Catholic parish for specific service/justice/mercy events or needs.



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