Resources for “Forming Intentional Disciples”

Here’s a list of links to resources that might be helpful for those who are reading Sherry Weddell’s Forming Intentional Disciples and looking to put some ideas into action personally–to begin to “break the silence” with others.

For starting conversation, questions, and/or assessing spiritual journeys:

Aggie Catholics: Questions To Ask Others When Evangelizing

Tell Me Your Story: The Art of Asking Intentional Questions (FOCUS)

Examples of combinations/variations of the 3 Spiritual Journeys

Sharing your testimony or story:

Canadian Catholic: Sharing Your Testimony 101

Telling the Great Story:

Catholic Christian Outreach Canada: The Ultimate Relationship

Have other suggestions to share? Add them to the comments. And, I’ll be posting study guides, diagrams, and other resources from a recent presentation under this tag in the coming weeks.


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