Avoiding Generic Discipleship

This is the third and final post in a series examining concerns and cautions about evangelization voiced by Fr. Francis P. DeSiano, CSP, President of the Paulist Evangelization Ministries.

Over the past few weeks, Fr. DeSiano has challenged us to ask some tough questions of ourselves and our ministries—an “Evangelist’s Examination of Conscience” of sorts. We’ve been called to honestly ask: Am I being directly or indirectly elitist? Do I think of myself as anything more than “one beggar telling another beggar where to find food?” and Do I turn “discipleship” into something other (i.e. a special club) than what the Church teaches? 

In the conclusion of his essay, Fr. DeSiano leads us to one of the most uncomfortable questions every evangelist must ask himself or herself—am I making judgments about others only out of love and when necessary for building relationships? Or am I being simply judgmental—condemning or putting down others? There can be quite a difference.

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