No More “Sacramental Conveyer Belt”

Insights on Confirmation in parish life. “Discipleship or Bust” says Fr. Peter Dugandzic, aka how to get away from a “sacramental conveyor belt”…

If I am correct, the only way to stop the conveyor belt is to return to the early Church model — one filled with personal witness and encounter. In the initial proclamation of the Gospel, there were no “programs” to be instituted or “standards” to be met. The first criteria was, and still is, Faith in Jesus Christ. The second criteria was, and still is, encounter with Jesus Christ. Both of these criteria were met, and should still be met, through a community of believers on Fire with the Holy Spirit. It is this type of community that a new convert must encounter, and it is this same community that was, and still is, the avenue of encounter with Christ. Such an encounter cannot be measured with objective standards because it is a highly subjective experience. Without a real encounter and subjective conversion, the newly initiated eventually will fall off the conveyor belt at the end, and will most likely never be seen again.

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2 thoughts on “No More “Sacramental Conveyer Belt”

  1. Our pastor bluntly tells the kids if they’re aren’t motivated and properly disposed for Confirmation, that’s fine and he’ll sort it out with the parents. I don’t know if any of them have made that choice, though.


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