December 17th, Come, O Wisdom…

I offered up a reflection on today’s Gospel over at FaithND, a reflection that was inspired by today’s collect prayer:

O God, Creator and Redeemer of human nature,
who willed that your Word should take flesh
in an ever-virgin womb,
look with favor on our prayers,
that your Only Begotten Son,
having taken to himself our humanity,
may be pleased to grant us a share in his divinity.

Jesus takes our humanity onto Himself, and transforms us, granting us a share in his divinity. I know that personally, I don’t cultivate the attitude of one who has a share in the divinity of Christ, letting small things lead me astray and such.

Jesus Christ is the wisdom from above, the wisdom of God, the eternal wisdom.

I always seem to be in need of some type of temporal wisdom. But, today’s name for Christ (Wisdom) cannot be reduced to earthly wisdom or the virtue of prudence alone. Maybe, when I’m most in need of earthly wisdom, I should stop looking so hard–and go seek the eternal wisdom.

More on today’s O Antiphon…

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