Apologetics? Evangelization? What if I forget what to say…

Over at NewEvangelizers.com, I write about how creeds, familiar prayers, and even hymns are great memory aids for when we find ourselves in an apologetic or evangelistic settings, and are looking for a way to guide and structure a conversation.

This probably points to the potential value and fruits that come forth from liturgical catechesis and preaching from liturgical texts…I wonder, how often those in the pews say or pray things without really grasping the wondrous truths we are proclaiming? I know I did as a kid. I probably prayed the Nicene Creed thousands of times, without even stopping to consider if I believed it…you know, in my heart, mind, and soul…not just in the sense of declaring aloud “I believe” (or at the time, “We believe”).

Your thoughts? What prayers, hymns, or creedal lines have you ever found especially helpful in those moments when you don’t have access to books or online resources?


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