Great Example of Parish Communications, “Chapel Chat”

I’ve mentioned Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish in Plymouth, Michigan with regards to communications before, and here comes another great example from this parish.

Situation: the pastoral leaders of OLGC have decided to expansively offer the Alpha Course through the parish this fall by 1) making it the parish activity for all ages and demographics, and 2) making it a “parish only” initiative so that even the “well catechized” will feel open to participate fully.

I think they get the difference between being a sacramentalized Catholic, but not an evangelized Catholic, and the implications spot on. But, what’s especially great about this video is the model of parish communications. Instead of allowing rumors, critical questions, questions of motives, etc. to circulate among the parish, they address these concerns directly, head-on, and make it abundantly clear what their vision and intention is.

The video is 9 minutes long. Well worth the watch!

OLGC used the same proactive communications strategy when the parish introduced a change in confirmation ministry earlier this year!



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