Evangelistic Preaching (Part 5) — Diverse Stages of Evangelization, Diverse Preaching

This is the fifth post in a series on evangelistic preaching in Catholic contexts.

We left off in Part 4 with the idea that Catholic homiletics includes many types of preaching that are complementary. This complementarity is aligned with our understanding of evangelization.

We use the language of stages of evangelization…

Slide15And so to see how preaching is essential at each stage, we can overlay the kinds of preaching we hear alluded to in Church documents, and described in Fulfilled in Your Hearing:


Masses on certain holidays—i.e. Easter and Christmas—ought to incorporate a primarily evangelistic sermon out of pastoral necessity. Likewise, most Eucharistic homilies in parishes should include at least some pre-evangelistic or evangelistic “feelers.” However, the Eucharistic homily’s purpose is not pre-evangelization or initial proclamation.

Evangelistic preaching then is a necessary part of the fullness of Catholic preaching, especially within the context of the New Evangelization’s focus on a fundamental response to Jesus Christ. This leads to our next logical question, what should evangelistic preaching be like in a Catholic setting?

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